The Five (5) phases of Miss Black America Competition Include:

Swimsuit - Judged on Beauty of Face & Figure, Fitness, Confidence & Grace exuded as you appear in a swimsuit.
Do You Love Yourself Some YOU? The judges will consider the Impact of Your Total Appearance as you present yourself on your
Miss Black America Stage. 1- 50 points

Talent - Judged on Originality, Excellence of Performance, Natural Ability and Popularity/Promotability. ( Not to exceed 2 minutes)
Does Your Talent have Performance Value? Does it Connect with and Impact the Audience? 1 - 30 points

Projection - Judged on Ability to Listen, Ability to Answer a Specific Question with a Specific Answer, Articulation and
Projection to the audience. Are You A Great Spokesperson? 1- 50 points

Positivity - This category is judged by the contestants themselves. The winner is the candidate determined by her fellow contestants
as the one who has displayed the most positive attitude throughout the competition. Do You Maintain A Positive Outlook Under Pressure? No Points Accumulated towards the selection of Miss Black America.

SOMBA Pitch-Off- Contestants win over an expert panel with colorful detailed proven presentations that illustrates the benefits of supporting their Businesses or Art Forms. Take some tips from Shark Tank..
Pitch is not to exceed Three (3) Minutes. Get Your Pitch On! Win Big at the SOMBA Pitch-Off!
No Points Accumulated towards the selection of Miss Black America.

A Miss Black America Best in Each Category is Selected as well as Miss Positivity, 2nd Runner Up, 1st Runner Up and
the National Miss Black America Title Holder