This Day in Miss Black America History: The Jackson Five Performance

The Jackson 5’s first ever national TV appearance was on the Miss Black America Pageant Stage in August where they played “It’s Your Thing”. They then appeared on a show presented by Diana Ross, called The Hollywood Palace in October 1969. They performed their single, “I Want You Back” to an incredible reception. The group’s natural musical and vocal ability amazed the world. Michael Jackson, the front man, had all the vocal and soul qualities of a veteran performer over three times his age. No one had ever seen a child of only 11 years old with such stage presence, vocal and dancing ability and soul. This pint-sized performer knew how to create onstage drama and capture an audience. Michael Jackson had technique and style that was all his own, even at such a young age.

The Jackson 5


"If I can make it here. I can make it anywhere." -Michael Jackson, 1968 after performing at the Miss Black America Pageant at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


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