Somba Membership


As a member of SOMBA, your organization will be represented at the Annual National SOMBA Meeting during Miss Black America Pageant Week.

You can speak and exhibit during the SOMBA Press Conference, Brunch & Panel Discussion of “Excellence Among Women: Awakening the Giant”Your organization will also exhibit during the Annual National Miss Black America Finals. You will receive a listing in the National Miss Black America Pageant Program Book. And, you can conduct a workshop for the contestants.

You will also Select a Miss Black America Contestant from your city to represent your organization locally leading up to the National Pageant and on the Miss Black America National Stage. Have Your Own Miss Black America Brand Ambassador Support Your Business and/or Your Initiative as you support her journey to the National Miss Black America Pageant. We will help support your brand and your programs as well. With Membership comes Privilege.

Sisterhood Of Miss Black America (SOMBA) Announces and Publicizes its First National Convention as Part of a Major American Institute of Positivity (AIP) Initiative.

SOMBA is recruiting the participation and inclusion of Black Women’s Social, Civic, Educational, Entertainment, Talent, Philanthropic, Religious, and Cultural Organizations
to join its membership.

We seek You and Your Organization’s Membership and we welcome your Members to Attend Our SOMBA Summer Convention during Annual Miss Black America Pageant Programming.

The AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF POSITIVITY (AIP) is buzzing and busy with its inclusion of the (SOMBA) as one of the most important and essential organizations under its umbrella of Positive Programs, all of which support its primary initiative: Fighting an Unrelenting and Vigorous War Against Teen Violence.

The SOMBA consists of Black Women’s Organizations like yours throughout America. WE WELCOME YOU!!!

As a SOMBA Member, Your Organization will participate in SOMBA’s National Annual Convention.

Your Organization will participate in the SOMBA Workshops, Receptions, Press Conferences and Panel Discussions on Black Women’s Issues.

Time will be set aside to extol the greatness of Black Women, all culminating with the election of Miss Black America.

As a SOMBA Member, Your Organization Will Select a Candidate from your Metro Area For the Title of Miss Black America.

SOMBA Members help select the recipient of the Sisterhood Global Community Enrichment Award. This award is presented to a deserving World Citizen during Miss Black America Pageant Week Events.

THE SOMBA – is concerned with, and, is about Black Culture – Black Accomplishments – Black Talent. It’s all about telling the world that Black Women are Proud, Clearheaded, Beautiful and Talented. The Philosophy and Statement of Intention of The SOMBA is to bring our goals and accomplishments into focus.